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Equipment Auction

Chisum ISD is accepting bids for 2 lots of band related equipment.  Bids will be accepted through Thursday, March 21.  Items can be viewed at 3250 South Church Street, Paris, TX,  75462.  Please contact John Marsh, Director of Fine Arts, for more information or to submit a bid – ( or 903-826-5575).


LOT 1  – Melhart Band Instrument Lockers (Lockers and Instruments NOT included)

3.         4x2 (Horn/Baritone/Etc)

1.         1x2 Corner

4          5x2 (Trumpet/Trombone/Bass Clarinet)

2.         5x3 (Clarinet/Flute/Etc)

1          4x1 (Horn/Baritone/Etc)

1          3x1 (Horn/Baritone/Etc)

Band Lockers


Band Lockers

Band LockersBand LockersBand LockersBand Lockers

LOT 2 -- Melhart Acoustical Panels

40 (approximately). 3’ x 5’ Wall Panels

42 (approaximately)  2’x4’Haning Panels

Acoustical PanelsAcoustical PanelsAcoustical Panels