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It is VERY important that you log-in to CHARMS and update ALL of your personal information.  This includes address, phone numbers, e-mail, parent/guardians, as well as Height, Weight, T-Shirt Size, and Shoe size.  This allows us to pre-assign uniforms to help speed the process of uniform fitting.



Click above to go the the CHARMS website.  DO NOT try to log-in on the Teacher/Helper tab. 

  1. Click on “Parents/Students/Members.”
  2. The school code is “chisumband” and click “Enter Parent Area.”
  3. This area does give you access to quite a bit of general information including the calendar.
  4. In the upper left-hand corner of the page you will see “Student Area Password.”  Your password is your Chisum student ID number unless you have previously logged in and changed it.
  5.  If you have an issue logging in, please let me know.  I can reset your password and send you a link.
  6. Remember, please update ALL of your info.  This means ALL contact info, size info, etc.
  7. Again, let me know if you have any problems – or text 903-826-5575