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The CISD Food Service Department uses  giving parents the convenience and flexibility of one account to securely pay for extra cafeteria items with a credit card, debit card, or electronic check.

At Linqconnect parents can:

  • Access online menus that are updated real-time
  • Find nutritional information on each item including allergens and carbohydrates
  • Lower fees for adding student meal payments online.  Add payments for more than one student at a time and only pay one fee per instance.
  • See what items your student is purchasing. Put limits on the amount of snack items he/she can purchase.
  • Set up alerts for low balances.  Set up automatic deposits to the school account when funds are low.
  • Place notes on your student's account that the cafeteria sees at the Point of Sale (POS).Monitor your student’s account to know when to add more funds. You can set different low balance amounts for each student on your account.
  • Setup Scheduled Payments with AutoPay


For the 2023-2024 School Year, Chisum has implememnted the Community Eligibility Provision from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. (USDA)

The program reimburses the school meal program for all student meals that meet the reimbursement requirements.  


Breakfast:  Students must choose 3 or 4 items, one must be a full serving of fruit, juice or vegetables.
Items offered daily include: Whole grain, protein, fruit, juice and milk. Vegetables are offered at least once weekly.

Lunch:  Students must choose 3 to 5 components.  One must be a full serving of fruit, juice and/or vegetables.  The five components are whole grains, proteins, fruit/juice, vegetables and milk.  A fresh vegetable and fruit salad bar is offered at lunch.  It is part of every meal we offer.

Other Items Available for Purchase:

Elementary School: Ice Cream for grades 2-5 on teaming days. One day per week.

Middle School: Ice Cream, fruit slushies, baked chips, fresh-baked cookies, bottled water. Additional servings of food.

High School: Ice Cream, baked chips, fresh-baked cookies, bottled water, sugar-free carbonated drinks. Additional servings of food.




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